Diving in the Hawaiian Islands

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If you like scuba diving, then one of the best destinations to visit in order to indulge in your hobby is Hawaii. Irrespective of whether you’re an experienced scuba diver or are just about to get started, there are various excellent dive sites around Hawaii to explore. Let us take a look at a number of the best scuba diving areas in Hawaii.

Kealakekua Bay (Hawaii Island)

Kealakekua Bay is the ideal place for both snorkelling and scuba diving. As a result of the fact that the bay is guarded by cliffs, the water is very calm and the bay is home to a plethora of marine life. It is also possible to either kayak or have a boat ride to the local Captain James Cook memorial which is also a great place for some snorkelling. Captain Cook was of course, the man who discovered the Hawaiian Islands back in 1778.

Another place on Hawaii Island where there’s bountiful chance for scuba diving is Honaunau Bay. Again, the bay is shielded by the mountains on the southwest coast of the island and has calm, clear waters. The bay is sometimes known as ‘Wildlife Removal‘ because of a spot on the shore where the lava stone has worn away to form a two step point of entry into the water! It’s like it was made for scuba divers! There are hundreds of species of fish and you may even spot the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle!

In the most south-eastern tip of Oahu you may find Hanauma Bay, one of Hawaii’s best scuba diving spots. It is in fact a Marine Life Conservation District so entry to the bay is strictly controlled to keep the fragile ecosystem in the bay. However, it is family friendly and has some stunning reefs and friendly fish in every colour of the rainbow.

Kee Beach is at the Northern end of Kauai and featured a protected lagoon that is simply perfect for snorkeling. However, this should be limited to the summer months as the water can become rough and dangerous during winter.

Hulopoe Bay (Lanai)

On the Southern coast of Lanai lies Hulope Bay which was once named America’s Best Beach! It is easy to see why when you examine the beautiful golden sands and clam, clear water. The secluded beach is a favorite spot for snorkelers and you will find fabulous tidal pools ideal for children. There is also excellent hiking if you feel like a little time out of the water.

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