English Bulldog: pros and cons

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If you are thinking about buying an English bulldog, you should consider the following pros and cons before making the final choice.
Temperament: one of the main benefits of the dog is that he’s got a great character; therefore, he easily gets along with the relatives. If you have small children, you do not have to worry about leaving them around the dog. This is because even if they hurt him, he does not get angry.
Requires little space: since he doesn’t like exercising, he doesn’t demand plenty of exercising space. This means that you can comfortably live with him even if you live in an apartment.
Rarely barks: unlike other dogs that bark , the English bulldog seldom barks. For instance, when he is very hungry or when he sees a whole stranger. The easy going nature of the dog means that you will never have complaints from neighbors stating that the dog is disturbing the peace.
Has a ferocious look: the ferocious look of the dog will discourage intruders from getting into your house or compound; hence, when you leave the dog in your home, you’re confident that no one will enter your property.
Easy to treat: the dog’s coat is easy to take care of because it is simple to attend to it without taking the dog to a puppy beauty parlor. The only thing you need to do is to occasionally trim his toenails. Since he will shed easily, it’s also advisable to brush his coat regularly to remove loose fur.
While he has the above benefits, he also has a fair share of disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that he is independently minded making it difficult to train him. In addition, he tends to think that he’s the one in charge that further makes it tough to train him.
To live in harmony with him, you need to ensure that he understands that you’re the one in control.
The other disadvantage is that he enjoys eating and hates exercising. These two attributes mean he can gain a whole lot of weight which may be harmful to him. It’s also wise to engage him in light exercises.

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