Picking out an Eggplant

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Someone who cooks the food knows better about the best vegetables. A lot of men and women love to cook and eat eggplants, but the actual problem comes when they do not know how to select the best eggplant for their kitchen. Eggplants are also known as Brinjal and it is available in almost every part of the world. The purple variety of eggplant is the most common, but you’ll see white eggplants as well. In this guide, I will share with you tips on selecting the new eggplants for your kitchen.

Eggplants got this name because there were just white color plants a few years ago and white color hanging from the leaves looked like eggs so that they were given the name of eggplants. The original variety of eggplants was of white colour and it’s still the trendy variety of eggplants. White eggplants are usually smaller in size in comparison with the purple selection. White eggplants have seeds and they’re less bitter as well. Eggplants belong to the household of potato. Although varieties of eggplants vary from purple to yellow to white, long purple brinjal is the most eaten variety.

How to pick a fresh eggplant for your kitchen:

• First of all, don’t go for larger eggplants because they will turn sour as the fruit matures. Select the fruit which has more fat as compared to same size fruits. In this manner, you might have a better idea of the fruits.

• pick the one that has smooth and shiny skin because dull skin indicates it is turning bitter. Avoid those with brownish spots. Always make sure that eggplant is not dry from inside. If you hear a hissing noise from inside then do not buy it.

• Turn the eggplants and look for any cuts or wrinkles or uneven skin.

• Always press your fingers into the skin of eggplant, if the flesh spring back instantly when the pressure is released it means that fruit is fresh. When the depression remains then it means eggplant is older.

• Check for the stem or cap. Stem and cap should be bright green since it suggests that fruit is fresh. Brown stem suggests that fruit is not fresh.

• Very large eggplants can be bitter as compared to the smaller ones because they have more seeds as it becomes mature.

• Eggplants get bitter with age so they need to be consumed within two days after purchasing. If you want to preserve it then freezing is the best method. Don’t store eggplants on your fridge for more than 1 week. Eat fresh whenever possible.

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